Intelligent hotel room

Your comfort is our main goal. Thanks to modern solutions, we help our customers reduce costs and care for the environment.


Thank you for your consideration. Lightoffo is all about innovation. Authorial technologies allow us to leave the competition behind and develop the business of our partners. Lightoffo solutions are an investment that pays off. Our customers save real money in projects such as smart hotels, systems for cruise ships and yachts. We invite you to get inspired by solutions that make life easier.

Years of experience
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our system works
A room that works for you wisely
You can rest, but your room still works for you. Sit back comfortably and save money with prestigious Lightoffo solutions.
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Make it smart
Don't waste time on solutions that don't think for you. Lightoffo is a smart technology that means you don't have to worry about anything.
Be eco-friendly!
Caring for the good of the planet is at the heart of our work. Join the fight for the environment!
Real savings
Don't spend your money without meaning - invest in technology that will help you cut costs and save on maintaining your property.
New technology
We are pioneers of modern solutions for hotels, cruise ships and yachts. Be innovative with us.
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Turn on/off. Don't think, don't count - just save!
We are pioneers in modern hotel, cruise ship, and yacht solutions. Be innovative and set directions with us.
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