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Automation systems are a technology that fits in with smart and eco trends. Skillfully applied, they reduce costs and increase the level of customer comfort. The support of Lightoffo experts at every stage of project implementation is a solid investment in innovation and cost savings.

Lightoffo is a custom solution. Contact us to learn about all the options:
Optimal use of the potential offered by technological development would not be possible without the participation of experts. At Lightoffo, success is built on skills and passion. Defining customer needs and expectations is the starting point, followed by learning about the system’s pro-environmental aspects. It’s a win-win situation in terms of applying modern technology.

Lightoffo provides a comprehensive approach at every stage of the investment - from a proven product offer to project implementation. The company's experts have the required up-to-date know-how about the products available on the market as well as IT tools needed for programming, configuring and launching systems.

Lightoffo has years of experience, proven customer satisfaction, and certificates confirming high competences.
We are a well-coordinated team ready for new challenges:
18 years of experience
Over 50 completed projects
Our customers have saved over 10,000 megawatts
We operate globally and have projects in 3 countries
We have been using proprietary innovations for years to provide our customers with real savings to make their lives easier. We believe that it is possible to pair these benefits with an ecological approach and caring for the environment. We call this technology with a human face.
The level of automation in the modern world is increasing, and smart objects are no longer a vision from fantasy science films - they have become everyday life. Nowadays, it is hard to imagine functioning without intelligent, maintenance-free systems.
Having such systems has a significant impact on economic and comfortable living and work while caring for the environment by saving energy. The decision to invest in automation, therefore, seems to be a logical and common-sense move, but it remains a question of choosing the right partner.
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