Motion Sensor
Inteligent hotel
A sensor that complements the functionality of the Viper. It is an indoor motion detector and works according to the PIR (Passive Infrared) principle. Thermal radiation detection of the (human) body when a person moves in front of the sensor is the main function.
Control Panel
Inteligent hotel
The Control Panel is a modern touch-screen user interface of the intelligent home, building or room system. Clear, intuitive and finger sized graphic icons showing the relevant functions are available to the user of the panel, as well as control diagrams allowing for comprehensive management of selected installation elements.
Viper sensor
Inteligent hotel
The VIPERA sensor is equipped with a standard thermal imaging sensor, and by using a processor with high computing capabilities, it is possible not only to detect presence but also to count the occupants of the room. The built-in inputs/outputs make it possible to use the sensor as a room automation controller. The sensor is mounted in a standard wiring box and the cover can be painted in any colour, which is an additional advantage of the device.
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