Systems for Cruise Ships

Based on many years of experience in the implementation of solutions in hotel buildings, after consultation and in consultation with third party suppliers and exclusive cruise ship building companies, our specialists have developed the technical, and logistical skills to provide complete intelligent and safe control and monitoring systems for all sectors related to the optimization of lighting, cooling or heating.
Reducing running costs

Thanks to the VIPERA sensor we developed – a technologically advanced product with a 32-bit processor with high computing capabilities – we can flawlessly detect the presence of a guest in the room. This solution can successfully replace a card reader in a hotel room. The sensor, after detecting the presence, activates basic functions such as power supply and fan coil processor. The device cannot be fooled – after the guest leaves the room, the room is switched off.

According to our thorough research carried out in a business hotel, cards inserted into the reader in the absence of the guest lead to energy loss up to 15% of the time. An estimated EUR400 loss per year per room.

As a company experienced in this type of realizations, we propose an innovative technology to optimize the costs of hotel room maintenance. We would like to proudly add that this solution is available only to Lightoffo, which makes us an unrivalled business partner for intelligent room management systems

Detection range
With our automation projects and the VIPER sensor, you can optimize the operation of almost all integrated systems in the hotel room without any maintenance. These include, above all, lighting (top, entrance areas, bathrooms, floors, etc.) and air conditioning switching between EKONO (when the room is not rented) and KOMFORT (when the room is rented). The VIPERA sensor developed by us saves up to 15% of energy per year.
Automation systems are a technology that fits into the smart and eco ideas. Skillfully applied, they reduce costs as well as increase customer satisfaction. The support of Lightoffo experts at every stage of project implementation means a certain investment in innovation and savings.
Do it smart
Running a hotel, you know how much you can earn from good decisions. Lightoffo is a technology that will help you run your business.
Be eco!
Join the fight for the environment and choose a solution that contributes to saving energy. Optimize, automate and take care of the future of the planet.
Real savings
Don't spend your money without meaning - invest in technology that will help you lower the cost of maintaining your hotel rooms and thus enable further investments.
New technology
We are pioneers of modern solutions for hotels, cruise ships and yachts. Be innovative and set directions with us.
Let Your Guests Manage the Room!
Guests can independently control the temperature, lighting or movement of the shutters, as well as order meals or room service. Everything is quick, easy and without having to make a phone call or go down to the reception.
What are our System Components?
Viper sensor
The VIPERA sensor is equipped with a standard thermal imaging sensor, and by using a processor with high computing capabilities, it is possible not only to detect presence but also to count the occupants of the room. The built-in inputs/outputs make it possible to use the sensor as a room automation controller. The sensor is mounted in a standard wiring box and the cover can be painted in any colour, which is an additional advantage of the device.
Motion sensor
A sensor that complements the functionality of the Viper. It is an indoor motion detector and works according to the PIR (Passive Infrared) principle. Thermal radiation detection of the (human) body when a person moves in front of the sensor is the main function.
Control Panel
The Control Panel is a modern touch-screen user interface of the intelligent home, building or room system. Clear, intuitive and finger sized graphic icons showing the relevant functions are available to the user of the panel, as well as control diagrams allowing for comprehensive management of selected installation elements.
Turn on/off. Don't think, don't count - just save!
We are pioneers in modern hotel, cruise ship, and yacht solutions. Be innovative and set directions with us.