Control Panel

Inteligent hotel

The Control Panel is a modern touch-screen user interface of the intelligent home, building or room system. Clear, intuitive and finger sized graphic icons showing the relevant functions are available to the user of the panel, as well as control diagrams allowing for comprehensive management of selected installation elements.

The Control Panel (depending on where the system is installed and the selection of its functions) can be used for:

  • lighting control (16 light scenes), with external and internal roller blinds, decorative curtains, curtains, etc.
  • control of thermal comfort: heating, air conditioning, ventilation,
  • sound system and multi-room control,
  • central control panel – system keypad  function PINSecure option (each time the keypad displays digits in random places, which makes it difficult to spy the entered PIN),
  • monitoring: doors, windows, equipment failure, presence of people. Audio and graphic info about alarms,  types of diagrams: weather, temperature, projection or room graphics with active buttons, lighting, blinds, technical status, etc.
Author: Lightoffo
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