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The VIPERA sensor is equipped with a standard thermal imaging sensor, and by using a processor with high computing capabilities, it is possible not only to detect presence but also to count the occupants of the room. The built-in inputs/outputs make it possible to use the sensor as a room automation controller. The sensor is mounted in a standard wiring box and the cover can be painted in any colour, which is an additional advantage of the device.

The VIPER presence sensor can perform the following functions in building automation systems:

  • detecting presence in a room,
  • presence detection in 4 defined zones (option),
  • detecting the number of people in a room (optional),
  • temperature measurement,
  • humidity measurement,
  • measuring the level of sunshine.

So you can use it to:

  • completely replace the card reader in hotel rooms,
  • control of lighting, external and internal decorative blinds, curtains and curtains, etc,
  • control of thermal comfort: heating, air conditioning, ventilation,
  • sound and multi-room control
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