Aqua Park in Suwałki

Sports and recreation facility / 19.02.2020

The construction of Aqua Park in Suwałki began at the turn of April 2009 and was completed at the turn of December 2010. The investors decided to take advantage of the opportunities that we offer as Lightoffo. Suwałki has gained an intelligent sports investment that guarantees additional safety and savings.

Thanks to our system, the aqua park has automatic control of outdoor lighting, corridors and conference rooms. Due to the possibility of monitoring the main switchgear, which collects information about the current demand for power, energy and its parameters, costs are reduced. What is important, the data is archived in the system and enables optimization of energy production.


The facility can control the entire building in an automated, intelligent way so that its operation is convenient and the comfort and convenience for guests is at the highest level.


Author: Lightoffo
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