Intelligent Residence near Warsaw

House / 19.02.2020

The Lightoffo system also fits perfectly into single-family houses. We introduced it in a single-family, three-storey residence with modern architecture, with a total area of 800m². The house is located on a plot near Warsaw with a garden surrounding it. The following rooms are at the disposal of the householders: kitchen, living room, dining room, winter garden, gym, sauna, home cinema, 6 bedrooms, laundry room, wine cellar, garage, attic for commercial purposes. After the introduction of our system, the householders gained the opportunity to make their home a modern and eco-friendly smart home.


Thanks to the integrated management system for various electrical installations, home appliances, networks and layouts, our system has enabled savings in the home budget. . There were introduced possibilities such as monitoring and control of lighting, electrical sockets, multi-room sound system, heating, air conditioning, ventilation, blinds, roof windows. Additionally, the family can manage garden irrigation and alarm systems.

Of course, that is not all. If you are thinking about building a house and want to introduce modern solutions that provide comfort, safety, and savings: give us a call!

Author: Lightoffo
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