Jędrzej Śniadecki Regional Hospital in Białystok

Hospital / 19.02.2020

A hospital that was founded in 1921. In 1993 it became the largest health care unit in the province and at the same time a very important teaching and training institution. In 2010, the expansion of the hospital started with a new surgical block and the technical building E supporting it, where the following were located: oxygen expansion station, compressed air station, power generator, transformer stations and main switchboard.

We have placed our integrated BMS over all the systems in Building E, which integrates all the systems in the building, allowing the entire facility to be managed efficiently and cost-effectively from one place. Building E has the ability to remotely monitor all parameters via the Internet, display tested system parameters and manage integrated installations in the building. Building E has gained a lot of facilities, and the most important functions are supervised by our system.

Author: Lightoffo
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